Olga Mecking – Niksen (Engelstalig) (dwarsligger)

Embracing The Dutch Art of Doing Nothing

Druk: 1 (maart 2020)
Uitgave: Dwarsligger
Volgnummer: 659
Taal: Engels
Afmetingen: 120 x 83 x 14 mm
Pagina’s: 432 stuks
Uitgever: Uitgeverij Dwarsligger
ISBN: 9789049807887

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Dwarsligger 659 is the English edition of Niksen by Olga Mecking. In Niksen you’ll learn how doing nothing can make you more creative, more relaxed and even healthier and happier.

In ‘Niksen’ Olga Mecking shares the ins and outs of the Dutch wellness trend of niksen, or doing nothing. And it is actually harder than it sounds.

Mecking shows us with humor and insight how we can spend more time being a little lazier, and explains why allowing ourselves do less will result in increased creativity, productivity, and happiness. The proof? Well, the Dutch are some of the happiest people in the world.

Niksen is full of fun tips, anecdotes and supported by expert opinions and interviews. Discover ‘The Dutch art of doing nothing’.

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  • Dwarsligger #659


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